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Rough In 220 mm
BowlShape Round
Trap S-Trap


A. CW53JW/F :
   1. CW53J Toilet Bowl (S-trap)
   2. TX902CV20 : Installation Fitting Set for CW53J, CW633J, CW637J
       – TX215C Floor Flange w/ Seal Gasket
       – T53DSN Screws & Caps (4 Caps)
B. SW53JP/53-2 :
   1. SW53IJP Low Tank w/o Cover for SW53JP
   2. SW53CRJP Tank Cover for SW53JP
   3. TX53C2WS Single Flush Tank Trim w/o Stop Valve for SW53JP (4,5 Liters)
C. ECO FSV300 Stop Valve w/ Flexible Hose
D. TCD-01R Plastic Seat & Cover w/ Plastic Hinges (Round)



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